On The Border Part II

November 10, 2012
7am til 9am

Councilman Larry Johnson,  Windchase Bay Condo owners, Councilwoman Maren DeWeese along with other neighborhood volunteers will meet on Scenic Highway at Hyde Park Rd. 
This beautification project is the second effort of its kind in this location bringing together two Districts within the City  for the care and keeping of our Scenic Bluffs.

Many invasive plant and tree species simply blow across Scenic Highway from private residences, sometimes even from a mile away, and plant themselves on the Bluffs edge.  As they begin to grow and take over,  the native plant species and native trees become over grown & choked out. 

On November 10th, volunteers will be removing these invasive species and the undergrowth from vines along the Scenic Bluffs Highway. 

Please join us from 7-9am on November 10th,  bring gloves, water, loppers, gas powered hedge trimmers and any other tools to trim back the jungle.

I can be reached at 316-7671 if you have any questions.

See you on the Bluffs!!!

Jan. 29th Scenic Highway Clean Up Day

January 29th
City Council District 4 & District 3 combined workday...along Scenic Highway beginning at Sugartree Court and working to the North and South as well. This Scenic Bay Bluffs Clean up is being done with volunteers from Sugartree Condos,Parks and Recreation and 30 volunteers from the Navy. We will be cleaning up underbrush this Saturday from 7 til 9 am as part of the Citywide Beautification project.

Please join us and bring a friend. You will need gloves, loppers and some water. We look forward to working with you to beautify our Scenic Bay Bluffs.

Bay Bluffs Park September 25th

9/25: Bay Bluffs Preserve -- 20 + Navy men and women will be on site from 8-10am to clean up overgrown vegetation around the boardwalk and along the nature trails and to pick up litter.

There will also be another group of volunteers on site that will be participating in a National Coastal Cleanup Day. This group will be focusing on cleaning up the beach area at the base of the bluffs from 9-11am

Pirate Park (Miralla park) @ Tyer & Connell Saturday May 22nd beautification

Come out on Saturday and help beautify Pirate Park. Bring some gloves, a rake, loppers and some water to drink. We will work on areas to clear over growth, spread pine straw around the new trees and clean up areas within the park. Hope to see you there anytime from 7am to 9am on Saturday May 22. Please pass this along to your neighbors.

Blitz @ the Bay Bluffs Park This Saturday 7am

Join us this Saturday, April 17th, 7am to 9am for our Citywide Beautification project at Bay Bluffs Park (Scenic Highway). We will be working on areas along Scenic Highway between the North & South parking lots…improving our view to the BAY.

Please bring gloves loppers and any power gardening tools you would like to use…brush cutters, tree trimmers, etc.

The official work day is 7am-9am yet I will be arriving at 6am for the firefighters that can stop by before their shift…even 30 minutes of work makes such a big difference…

Hope to see you on Saturday!!!! We are making a difference one weekend at a time!!!

City Wide Beautification April 24

2010 Day of Service Project
On Saturday, April 24, 2010 from 9:00 am-12:00pm the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in cooperation with Clean & Green, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, will be performing a day of service to the City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Department. The project will aim to beautify the East Hill Community by focusing on the Lake View Avenue medians, from 11th Avenue to 20th Avenue and Estramadura Park. The group will perform general park maintenance and clean up as well as landscape work to help keep our community beautiful. Anyone age 12 and older is welcome to participate in the beautification project. There will also be a cookout afterwards in Estramadura Park for all of those who participate. For more information on the 2010 Day of Service please visit www.dayofservice.org.

District 3 and 4 Meet On the Line

On Saturday, District 3 Councilwoman Maren DeWeese and District 4 Councilman Larry B. Johnson met at Hyde Park and Scenic hwy to beautify the overlook to Escambia Bay. Hyde park is the dividing line between the district and a perfect opportunity to bring the two neighborhoods together. Supervised by Councilman Johnson's mother, the team cleared the area to improve the view and transformed the site into a wonderful view. Next time you are riding your bike stop by and soak in the scenery under the Larry B. Palm.